use cases

Use Cases

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Home Appliances






Automotive •  Aviation •  Home Appliances •  Manufacturing

It’s vital to check if your worker assembles the right products together. The only way to do so is using smart gloves with instant feedback mechanisms. TIM smart gloves are capable of detecting wrong products, warning workers instantly, saving records to your system and decrease assembly duration by 55%. In the mean time, your workers are capable of working both hands free and independent.

quality control

Quality Control

Automotive •  Aviation •  Home Appliances •  Logistics •  Manufacturing •  Retail

TIM develops various solutions for quality control checks in the automotive industry with different features of devices. Checking if the product is the correct one via scanning product bar code or taking pictures of defected products and saving it to the system are some of them. Increase product quality and ensure process control via smart gloves.

sideline supplying

Side-Line Supplying

Automotive •  Aviation •  Home Appliances •  Manufacturing

Hands free usage of smart gloves enables production workers to operate independently. Restocking supply points with scanning bar codes of materials will assist you to maintain without supplying problems during production.

goods receiving

Goods Receiving

Automotive •  Aviation •  Home Appliances •  Logistics •  Manufacturing •  Retail

In-house logistics operations become totally traceable and under control with smart glove applications. Receiving goods, replenishing supplies, picking-sorting operations have never been more easy to do. Keep track of your goods coming or going and your facility’s performance on your dashboard.



Automotive •  Logistics •  Manufacturing •  Retail

Smart gloves are capable of viewing long picking or order lists. Which digitalizes processes without eliminating human workforce. Workers will be succeeding picking processes with hands free smart scanning devices without missing or misplacing any item.




Automotive •  Logistics •  Manufacturing •  Retail

Smart gloves are capable of sorting mixed items in the easiest way. With different colors of optic feedbacks and haptics, smart gloves warn the operator to stop in case of any human centered mistakes happening. Hands free and ergonomic usage will make your workers feel independent and comfortable during operating.



Logistics •  Retail

Optimize your supply chains with Pick-by-Light,Pick-by-Voice applications integrated with smart glove. Smart gloves’ handsfree usage and perfect scanning ability will help you accelerate your sequencing processes in logistics.




Logistics •  Manufacturing

For packing processes, it is fundamental to check if everything is in order and placed. Smart gloves will provide faster packing processes due to its instant feedbacks, fast scanning ability and handsfree usage. Use smart gloves to never miss again any item to be packed to go.


True-True System

Automotive •  Manufacturing

To match correct orders and products is what needs to be done. Rely on smart gloves, more than you do on your workers. Smart gloves will detect any incorrect matching and instantly warn your workers to prevent human induced operational mistakes.


stock taking


Logistics •  Retail

With a flexible keypad integrated on the smart glove, we’ve created the ultimate wearable for logistics. Workers are now able to make data inputs via smart gloves, manually enter stock quantities, bar code numbers and complete stocktaking operations within seconds.

cross dock

Cross-Dock Operations

Logistics •  Retail

Cross-Dock Operations help you to catch up with the speed of logistics and avoid excessive stock management costs. When you are counting seconds for transformation processes, smart gloves will reduce your scanning and operation durations by 55%.


dark-light warehouse

Dark-Light Warehouse Operations

Logistics •  Retail

Dark-light operations are the next warehousing level. For handling logistics processes in these dark light warehouses, you need the best of wearable devices. Smart gloves will accelerate your operations. In the meantime, enhanced safety and ergonomics level will be assured.

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