Next generation WiFi communicating device,
linking human workforce to your network.

Trusted by the world’s leading companies

This little yet functional module comes with a lightweight smart wearable.

IWOS assists you to cover operational mistakes and ensures process perfection. IWOS prevents human centered quality control errors without eliminating human workforce.

Display what you need to see. Nothing more or less.

Functional screen allows you to receive instant feedbacks right on your hand. When you focus on your quality control operations, protective sled will take care of the rest.


decreased operational time


All you need is just two buttons to manage.

You can manage your quality control operations with just two finger-based actions. Capacitive touch button provides effortless movements in operational menu and trigger button allows you to choose items, tasks or lists.

Standard Box Includes: 

iwos barcode reader module
standard box iwos

Barcode Reader 

IWOS Barcode reader
Iwos barcode reader module 2


IWOS Charger 1
IWOS Charger 2 (2)

Technical Features

     FScan 844 x 640 pixel resolution
     Motion Tolerance Up to 584 cm ( 230˝ ) per second in total darknesss with 100%
     UPC at 10cm ( 4˝ ) distance Scan Angle
     Horizontal Field Angle: 42.4°
     Print Contrast 20% minimum reflectance
     Roll, Pitch, Skew Tilt: 360°, Pitch: ± 45, Skew: ± 60
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