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Hands-free Device

Unlike other barcode scanners, since it can be worn as a glove, IWO provides ease of use with both hands free and reduces the duration of operations by half.

Ergonomic and Easy to Use

IWO stands out with its weight of 35 grams. It's much easier to use compared to ring scanners. It saves up to 40% of time in barcode scanning operations. Employees do not need to pick and drop the scanner like conventional barcode scanners and do not need an extra screen to control if the scan is accurate. 

Ring scanners cause sores on the finger as they are used actively throughout the day. IWO is designed to prevent any kind of damage to the finger.


Plug & Play Feature

IWO smart gloves can start working as soon as they are put on, without the need for any integration or setup. Even in just one day, the system starts working at full performance.

Haptic, Acoustic and Optic Feedback

Unlike conventional barcode scanners, IWO gives feedback not only in text, but also with vibration, sound and light. The employee does not need to check the barcode after each operation. Thus, the risk of making mistakes is minimized, while efficiency and traceability are maximized.

Full Protection with Protective Slider

With its protective slider and soft button, IWO is resistant to hard hits and falls. In addition, it is designed not to damage other surfaces that it bumps or rubs against. For example, in a factory that manufactures cars, if IWO rubs against a freshly painted car, neither the car nor the glove would be damaged.

Long Battery Life

IWO smart gloves last up to 10 hours and 3000 scans. Thus, it easily completes a full shift with a single charge.

Saving Time up to 50%

The automotive industry in particular competes against time. A car is produced in less than a minute. While an average of 1500 cars are produced per day, approximately 500 parts are fitted to each car. IWO saves 4 seconds for each fitting, which takes approximately 8 seconds. Thus, 30 million seconds are saved in a day.

iwo glove only

Prevents wrong scannings with the protected button.

Has ER and MR sensors.

Has RS232 and USB switch support.

Works with Bluetooth and LoRa.


  • Field Independent Usage

LoRa provides 12 km of connection range in terrain and 600 meters in a factory. LoRa enables communication from all over the factory with a single connection point, so data flow is not dependent on anything. 

  • Safe and Fast Data Transmission

Since the LoRa frequency is different from all other frequencies, it only pulls data from devices connected on the same frequency. Thus, it allows fast and secure data flow.

  • Unlimited Data with a Single Port

It is possible to provide unlimited data flow with a single charging point that is also used as an antenna. Data flow is enabled  from all of the devices that read the ID number under the charging unit. It is sufficient to read only one ID so that the data can be streamed from multiple devices to a single port.

IWO Lora
iwo glove
iwo trigger (1)

IWO Bluetooth

  • Reading Range

It can operate in a radius of 30-50 meters.

  • Screen Independent Operations

It does not require a screen connection. 

  • Compatibility to Interoperate with Different Devices

It is convenient to work with another device such as a tablet or terminal.

Everything You Need Comes in a Box

Standard Box Includes:


Optional Box Includes:


Barcode Reader & Charger


iwo barcode reader
iwo 2.3

Extended Range

                                FireShot Capture 238 -  - iwo features 2




Extended Range

iwo bt 11iwo bt 22


Technical Features

     FScan 844 x 640 pixel resolution
     Motion Tolerance Up to 584 cm ( 230˝ ) per second in total darkness with 100%
     UPC at 10cm ( 4˝ ) distance Scan Angle
     Horizontal Field Angle: 42.4°
     Print Contrast 20% minimum reflectance
     Roll, Pitch, Skew Tilt: 360°, Pitch: ± 45, Skew: ± 60
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