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Embracing Industry 5.0

The state-of-art solution for supply chain and warehouse management systems, taking Industry 5.0 to new heights of efficiency and innovation.


CONWO is our analytics software that connects workers, workspaces, and processes in industrial facilities.


Achieve end-to-end solutions!

Connected Workplaces, or CONWO for short, is a software platform designed to connect employees and processes in industrial facilities.

With CONWO, you'll have access to powerful tools for productivity monitoring, operations analysis, and recommendation-based calculations.

By using CONWO, you can optimize your supply chain planning, from integration and operation to purchasing and distribution planning, all on a single platform.

Plus, since each of the modules that make up CONWO can be customized to fit your unique workplace requirements, you can be sure that you're getting the perfect solution for your needs.

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customizable dashboards


real-time tracking


human-induced errors




The modules that make up CONWO can be customized to your workplace's requirements, and you can incorporate the modules you wish into your company.

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Real-Time Predictive Scheduling

CONWO facilitates efficient tracking of workflow processes, activities completed, and time invested in each operation through its diverse modules.

Real-time analysis based on target KPI information allows for recommendations on factors like product collection and completion time.

In-depth part analysis helps examine task distribution and improve warehouse efficiency, as well as manage employee scheduling.

Hourly business analysis enables monitoring of daily progress towards set objectives and allows for adjustments to daily schedules and employee demands.

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OpEx Management

With CONWO, you can quickly calculate the replacement cost of your products in real-time, based on real-time cost calculations.

This feature allows you to make informed decisions about inventory and pricing, ultimately improving your bottom line.

In addition, CONWO provides real-time data obtained through its AI system to help you monitor and optimize your OpEx expenditures on a daily and weekly basis.

By using this information, CONWO can provide you with actionable recommendations to improve your productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

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Safety Management

CONWO's pre-installed smart gloves provide immediate usability for users. With precise warehouse mapping and Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-connected gadgets, real-time location tracking (RTLS) is performed, providing current and accurate statistics.

In the case of an emergency, instant footprint tracking allows you to warn employees through gloves, displaying information such as the number and location of employees in the warehouse.

CONWO also alerts you if your employees experience a sudden fall or physical hindrance during operations, and employees can use gloves to report critical situations to their supervisors immediately.

To protect employee health, CONWO enables you to designate authorized and unauthorized areas for employees. In industrial facilities, the machine stops automatically when unauthorized operators approach it, safeguarding the workers' well-being.

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Immediate Reporting & Communication

TIM's innovative wearable technology products not only enhance the speed and efficiency of your operations but also facilitate instant communication with your workforce.

The smart gloves' image capture capability allows workers to quickly report any issues encountered in the warehouse, such as shelf breakages or pest infestations.

Additionally, employees can submit quick reports by simply photographing returned goods; providing timely and accurate information to management.

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CONWO can identify process bottlenecks with task monitoring, providing insight into how to speed up activities and boost overall efficiency through facility settlement design.

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The integration of TIM's distinctive wearable technologies has allowed CONWO to provide you with a structure for task coordination outside of WMS and ERP.

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