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TIM's Super Powers

 TIM's smart wearables are scalable, easy to use and integrate into every working field.

 TIM's TIM40 software platform is applicable in every industry with its data analysing system.

 TIM's smart wearables provide traceability.

 Hands-free working with light smart gloves create a better working environment.

Traceability + 95%

Speed               + 54%

Efficiency       + 73%

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We are everywhere, literally.

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What Our Clients Say

İlker Aktaş

İlker Aktaş

Team Manager, BOS Kaizen Office, Mercedes-Benz

"Thread In Motion's easily integrated solutions assisted our digitalization of operational processes without eliminating the human workforce. Smart gloves significantly accelerated our in-house logistics and assembly operations."

Halit Nadir Gül

Halit Nadir Gül

Logistics Manager, CarrefourSa

"Glogi is a very effective product in all of our warehouse operations; during the process of our employees, we achieved a speed increase of more than 50% and human errors were reduced to almost zero. Moreover, we are able to measure the meaningful data collected from the field and make more accurate decisions, which is very valuable for us."