Inhouse or logistics transportation, operate at your peak with Thread In Motion Wearable Technology Solutions.


58 % greater efficiency in picking, sorting, sequencing processes

100% worker mobility and health

What to expect?

Our industrial know-how led us to develop the ultimate wearable for the logistics industry.  That's why our smart gloves can cover all of your logistics needs perfectly.

TIM's smart wearable technology solutions work on a plug & play discipline, compatible with your current WMS, CRM, SAP softwares.



Agility and speed that come with smart gloves.

Our industrial experience helped us understand our customers’ requirements and provide solutions that address their needs and interests.

Every second matters in logistics and logistics distribution. Increasing traceability of picking, sorting, sequencing operations and collecting data instantly from the field via smart gloves will ease workload management and productivity measurement.

    Easy integration to tools and systems in use
    Smooth digitalization
    Increased efficiency
    4 seconds saving per transaction
    Improved ergonomics
    Ensured process quality

Save Time


Reduce Costs


Ensure Quality Control


Increase Traceability


Detailed Data Analysis


Enhanced Ergonomics

Gather real-time data via smart gloves to reach operational excellence

Every function you need will be traceable by data sets to provide the best of profitability and productivity.

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