home appliances

Home Appliances 

Assembly and in-house logistics have never been easier.

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55 % faster assembly operations

89 % quality of goods

What to expect?

Small or big, heavy or light, sharp or round. It is possible to detect every single defect with smart gloves.


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Assembly operations are much faster when both hands are free.

Speed up assembly operations and rock quality control with smart gloves.

Having a lightweight wearable product on your hand gives you mobility and flexibility. It's a game changer in operations requiring handling spare parts and tools.

    Easy integration with tools and systems in use
    Smooth digitalization
    Increased efficiency
    4 seconds saving per transaction
    Improved ergonomics
    Ensured process quality

Save Time


Reduce Costs


Ensure Quality Control


Increase Traceability


Detailed Data Analysis


Enhanced Ergonomics

Featured Use-Cases for Home Appliances

Applications that guarantee increased productivity and decreased operational duration for your business;

assembly (2)
quality control (2)
goods receiving (2)
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