Success Stories

See the change TIM brought about throughout the years.


Digitized Kanban System and Traceability and error-preventing in spare part production in Mercedes-Benz Hoşdere Bus Factory

Daimler is one of the leading automotive manufacturer in world. As Mercedes-Benz decided to intensify their production operations locally in Turkey, Hoşdere Bus Factory has been established in 1995. Since its establishment it is still one of the leading-edge, well-supported bus plant all around the world.

As usual every Kanban system in production sites, works with a small equipment car which called Tannenbaum tree. This system helps workers to maintain internal logistics operations. With the help of equipment charts, worker checks equipment’s and car’s bar code as if they match. Continuously these workers check if equipment boxes are filled or not, they detect low stock equipment and supply it from warehouse. This system provides equipment continuity and the perfect supply chain. After TIM started to work on enhancement of the internal logistics process; we discovered that this can be digitized. After the implementation; now every shelves and cars are labeled with automatically printed bar codes via TIM40 Software.

Worker scans the barcode of related low stock shelf and software system instantly send order to the warehouse worker. It’s also possible to categorize from high priority to low priority, in order to maintain operational continuity. When warehouse worker supplies this materials, system automatically decreases its stock. At the backhand side with this digitized system, it’s now possible to save and review records of usage amount of material, duration of the process, to determine which worker was carrying out the process on the dashboard. TIM40 creates a heatmap for material cars to optimize these cars location in order to process route optimization, make predictions to estimate your stock availabilities and also provides end to end traceability of materials and workers. On productional site, now workers don’t use any traditional methods like writing down and passing forms, TIM40 and smart gloves take care of all.

İlker Aktaş

Team Manager, BOS Kaizen Office


Our paths crossed with Thread In Motion in 2019, after a short demo period they quickly integrated and our team started using the Glogi smart glove.

Glogi is a very effective product in all of our warehouse operations; during the process of our employees, we achieved a speed increase of more than 50% and human errors were reduced to almost zero.

Moreover, we are able to measure the meaningful data collected from the field and make more accurate decisions, which is very valuable for us.

Halit Nadir Gül 
CarrefourSA Logistics Manager