Frequently Asked Questions


How far can Glogi smart gloves read?

Glogi can read up to 3 meters without losing WiFi connection thanks to its Extended Range (ER) and Maximum Range (MR) features. Glogi‘s reading power is sufficient to access the second shelf which is mostly the furthest place in warehouses.

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How to connect smart gloves to the network?

IWO, one of our smart gloves, has LORA and Bluetooth connection options. LORA is used especially in factories because of its higher reception. It works by transferring the read data to the target through RS-232 and USB inputs.

Our other smart glove, GLOGI, works with the principle of Internet of Things (IoT). Provides communication as long as there is a WiFi connection.

Can the smart glove be worn over another glove?

Since our smart gloves are available in 3 different sizes, the largest size glove can easily be worn over another glove.

How long does it take to charge smart gloves?

The device can be fully charged in 4 hours. A 100% charged glove can be used for up to 3000 scans which is around 10 hours.

What is the lifetime of the devices?

Although it varies from device to device and the way of use, as we have observed in some companies we’ve been working with, smart gloves, which have been actively used for 2 years, continue to be used by preserving 80% battery life and comfortably completing one shift.

How resistant are the smart gloves to situations such as falling, dropping into water etc.?

Since the smart gloves we produce are used in heavy industries like the automotive industry, they have passed the required endurance tests. TIM products meet the IP 54 international standard. While 5 in the number 54 indicates the level of protection against solid objects, 4 indicates that it is also protective against liquids.

What is the lifetime of the textile material in smart gloves?

The glove under the device is made of a highly durable textile material. When used in heavy industry, it needs to be changed 3 to 5 times a year, and 2 to 4 times a year in warehouses.

How can a device differentiate when there is more than one barcode on a box?

With the filtering feature of smart gloves, filtering can be made for specific initials of the codes or only for reading barcodes of the same type in line with customer demand. In order to activate this feature, it will be sufficient to scan a QR code that will be sent by us.

What is IP and IP class? What does the IP class of smart gloves indicate?

The IP Standard, developed by the European Committee For Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC), indicates numerically the level of protection provided by the outer body of a product. The IP 54 coded protection class of smart gloves means that they are resistant to dust, drops and water jets.

Is it necessary to cover the screens of smart gloves with a screen protector to prevent chemical glue or solvent contamination?

Smart gloves are produced with a 2 mm thick screen protector. So there is no need for an extra protector.

How are breakdown and maintenance agreements made after purchasing the device?

There is a warranty period of up to 2 years for possible malfunctions that are not considered as user error. In addition, if you purchase a “Care-Pack” with smart gloves, all kinds of support, including user error, will be provided by us instantly.

Do smart gloves have sizes? Is it available for both right and left hand?

There are 3 different size options, S, M, L for both right and left hand.