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Lightest Handheld Terminals in the Market (2021)

1- Newland MT90 (260 gr)newland mt90 (2)

The MT90 Orca is an Android mobile computer that is light and durable device with a 5” capacitive touch screen.

 It scans 1D and 2D barcodes and comes with a replaceable battery. The MT90 is built to withstand dusty environments and inevitable bumps and drops. It has a rating of IP65 and has been drop-tested up to 1.5m, ensuring longer and more reliable use.


2- Zebra TC21/TC26 (236 gr)

zebra tc21-tc26

Zebra TC21 / TC26, which has a 5-inch high-resolution advanced touch screen, is easily visible even under the sun. It is waterproof and drop resistant. It has WiFi, cellular connectivity, Bluetooth, GPS, and NFC wireless connections.

With its 13 MP rear-facing camera, it performs all operations from delivery to damaged package proof, from completed product repair to occasional barcode scanning with an integrated color camera that focuses automatically.

3- Zebra DS6878-SR (236 gr)

Zebra DS6878-SR

The Zebra DS6878-SR offers all the data capture functionality needed to streamline daily processes and prevent errors. This device can capture all barcodes (1D, 2D and PDF417) common in mobile phone screens with labels alone.

The integrated SE4500 imager removes the output loss associated with traditional 2D scanning, providing laser-like performance on both 1D and 2D barcodes. It can easily and reliably capture even low-quality and damaged barcodes, as well as full scanning in all directions. It has a USB charging port and can connect to a Bluetooth device.

4- Honeywell 8680i (160 gr)Honeywell 8680i

The 8680i Wearable Mini Mobile Computer works with Bluetooth.  To speed up the operations, it leaves both hands free. The product is available in two versions:

The advanced version includes a line-of-sight screen that can be customized, as well as Wi-Fi and an SDK for application creation. It streamlines workflows by combining a scanner and a mobile computer into a single unit.

The standard version has a lightweight, ergonomic Bluetooth-wearable scanner with direct wireless connectivity, battery status, and scan results. Wi-Fi, a user-facing monitor that can be customized, and a two-button interface are the other important features.

5- Thread In Motion Glogi Smart Glove (45 gr)TIM Glogi-1

Glogi is an IoT-based smart glove weighing only 45 grams. Glogi’s 1.5-inch screen can do everything that a handheld terminal provides with a larger screen. It gives not only written but also haptic, optic, and acoustic feedback. Feedback systems can be customized according to where they are used and which task they are used for. It has the ability to integrate into systems currently used such as JSON, Matrix, SAP, Telnet V3, HighJump. Glogi is scalable and compatible.

Since Glogi is worn like a glove, it provides ease of use by enabling both hands-free and reduces the time of operations by 50%.


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