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Do Smart Wearables Increase Productivity?

People are encouraged to focus on ways to optimize these processes as goals such as minimizing tag time in production processes, being able to output more products in logistics operations, and reaching more consumers are established. Producers face increased competition as people's consumption habits change.

In the logistics and automotive industries, using low-cost automation solutions boosts efficiency and allows for faster access to KPIs. Although some processes are becoming unmanned, full automation does not appear to be viable at this time. Dark warehouse operations are still used in the warehouses of a small number of organizations today.

There are two basic reasons why businesses struggle to adjust to automation. One of them is that operational technologies aren't currently good enough to boost production by a significant margin. To put it more simply, technological advancements have made many processes considerably easier. However, the effectiveness of developing technology will not be as high unless it is regularly updated to the latest.

The high investment costs are another cause for technology's slow expansion. When making an investment, the return on investment must be carefully calculated. A person who is attempting to use new technology in her/his own business should also consider the additional and unexplained costs. The most important thing is to carefully analyze the technology, investment, return on investment, and long-term viability.

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When it comes to Industry 5.0, humans and machine technologies collaborate. One of the most essential parts of industry 5.0 is reducing human errors. It includes both data collection from machines and the creation of digital twins. As a result, humans and robotic technologies can collaborate to improve operations.

A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical object or activity that acts as its real-time digital equivalent. The generation of digital twins is the consequence of continuous progress in product design and engineering efforts. From manual drafting through computer-aided drafting/computer-aided design to model-based systems engineering, product drawings and engineering requirements have progressed.

One of the things that should be done to boost productivity is to analyze procedures thoroughly. Making operational adjustments provides the foundation for preventing human-oriented errors. It is vital to examine the durations and utilize the correct technologies and methodologies in operations, just as there are new working models for white-collar professionals such as agile and scrum. For blue-collar workers' work habits, wearables are the first stop for innovations and automation. 

There is a notable growth in technology that can be enhanced when compared to today and five years ago. We now have smartwatches that measure our steps, take ECGs, and monitor our heart rates. Wearables, which we think are so handy in our everyday lives, are actually just as useful in blue-collar workers' business procedures.

Employees must wear familiar clothes when using wearable technology. Although glasses are one of the first wearables that come to mind, it is not standard practice for employees to wear glasses at work. Employees who have been using handheld terminals or wearing gloves for years will find it simple to switch to the smart glove.

Smart gloves aren't just for employee satisfaction; they're also for the company's profit. Employee happiness leads to increased productivity, lower expenses, and a near-zero rate of human-caused errors. 

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