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Digitalizing existing sources instead of replacing them.


Use for up to 6 months without maintenance or repair with the conductive thread and military material used in our smart gloves’ design.

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Scale your business by streamlining your operations with the help of our smart connected gloves.

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Monitor operational processes, manage tasks, collect and analyze fast and accurate data from the field for effective decision making.

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Save time and money with a device that pays for itself in under 6 months and delivers strong ROI.

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Customized Design for More Efficient Processes

Boost the efficiency of your operations by integrating our easy-to-use smart gloves seamlessly with the tools and systems your employees are familiar with. TIM’s products are designed and continuously innovated to address problems and needs of our customers in various different sectors, especially in automotive, manufacturing, and logistics.

Save time and money by using our ergonomic and super lightweight patented gloves made with quality materials. Relieve your employees from dull and inefficient processes. Get unlimited support from the TIM family for a seamless integration.

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Save Time and Efforts


Reduce Costs


Ensure Quality


Increase Traceability

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Detailed Data Analysis


Improve Ergonomy 

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The ultimate wearable for logistics.

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Your #1 assembly assistant.

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The master of quality solutions.

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Boost your operations’ speed by 50% with a wearable device that’ll give your employees greater mobility and flexibility. Get rid of traditional handheld scanners that restrict their movement.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Use up to 3000 scans on a single charge thanks to the 10-hour battery life. Help your employees complete a shift without wasting time on and worrying about recharging.

Multilayer Feedback Mechanism

Reduce human error and faulty operations down to almost 0% with our gloves’ multilayer feedback system. Make sure the error is immediately known to the employees via haptic, optic, acoustic feedback mechanisms. Protect your business from the burden of recalls, delays, and returns that cost billions to the industry each year.

Super Lightweight

Get rid of 500-1000 grams traditional handheld terminals that’ll give aches and pains to your employees at the end of a 10-hour shift. Enhance employee health, productivity, and satisfaction with our super lightweight 35 grams gloves.

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Find out how much money you can save by using Thread in Motion smart gloves in your operations.

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What Our Clients Say

İlker Aktaş

İlker Aktaş

Team Manager, BOS Kaizen Office, Mercedes-Benz

"Thread In Motion's easily integrated solutions assisted our digitalization of operational processes without eliminating the human workforce. Smart gloves significantly accelerated our in-house logistics and assembly operations."

Halit Nadir Gül-1

Halit Nadir Gül

Logistics Manager, CarrefourSa

"Glogi is a very effective product in all of our warehouse operations; during the process of our employees, we achieved a speed increase of more than 50% and human errors were reduced to almost zero. Moreover, we are able to measure the meaningful data collected from the field and make more accurate decisions, which is very valuable for us."