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Your #1 assembly and packing assistant

Trusted by the world's leading companies

  Exceed usual speed limits with better process quality.

Focuses on performing faster and more accurate assembly operations. Complete assembly tasks with zero defect discipline.

 Trigger point, placed on point

To complete your assembly operations successfully, your assistant had to be the most ergonomic wearable. IWO has a flexible textile structure and trigger button placed on the side of your finger to maintain ergonomic standards all day.

 Leave no room for mistakes. IWO warns you instantly to prevent human centered errors

Haptic, acoustic and optic feedback system, prevents human centered errors instantly.

IWO scanning QR

Expand operating limits with LoRa Communication. Secure your data flow through the safest way.

Multiple devices can be used simultaneously in an expanded range of production line.

Experience the perfect scanning performance with IWO

IWO provides you the perfect effortless scanning operation. Just scan the pairing bar code and start your limitless scanning operations.

Everything You Need Comes in a Box

Standard Box Includes:

Standard Box Include IWO

Optional Box Includes:

IWO optional

Barcode Reader & Charger


iwo barcode reader
IWO Barcode Reader Module
IWO charger-communicator module

Extended Range

IWO LR Extended RangeIWO LR Extended Range Performance



Extended Range

IWO LR Extended RangeIWO BT Extended Range Performance


Technical Features

     FScan 844 x 640 pixel resolution
     Motion Tolerance Up to 584 cm ( 230˝ ) per second in total darknesss with 100%
     UPC at 10cm ( 4˝ ) distance Scan Angle
     Horizontal Field Angle: 42.4°
     Print Contrast 20% minimum reflectance
     Roll, Pitch, Skew Tilt: 360°, Pitch: ± 45, Skew: ± 60
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