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smart factories

3 min read

How to Maximize Your Inventory Turnover Ratio with Smart Wearables?

Learn how to optimize your inventory turnover ratio by using barcode scanner smart gloves and industrial automation solutions to lower your average...

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5 min read

The Role of IoT in Predictive Maintenance for Manufacturing Operations

Predictive maintenance is a cutting-edge approach that leverages technology to predict equipment failures before they occur, allowing manufacturers...

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3 min read

Smart Factory Examples Around the World and Lessons to Learn From Them

Smart manufacturing and smart factory is a broad production concept that has emerged to optimize the manufacturing period. Smart manufacturing, a...

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2 min read

Smart Factory Transformation | Why You Need to Start Yours Now

As it is known, the 1st Industrial Revolution had begun when man dominated the power of water and steam and produced mechanical tools. Afterward,...

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