The dream of the perfect solution

TIM’s Solid Goal

Providing operational excellence to all industries.

  • 2017


    The first idea, might not be the best. But it gives birth to many other better ideas to be developed. This is exactly how Thread In Motion’s exciting story has started.

    Innovative mindsets of our founders and their trusted creative team members, started an idea to follow up with deep faith and excitement. Their idea has been molded with ups and downs and the initial product was set and the first seed investment has been received.

  • 2018

    Keeping up with the good work and effort, Thread In Motion launched their initial products and succeeded to create traction with Forbes 500 Companies such as; Renault, Bridgestone and FCA. Simultaneously received many feedbacks which led us develop better products with innovative technologies. It was time to kick off with more customers and become a real part of the digital transformation all around the world!

  • 2019

    Expanding Thread In Motion team with young, talented colleagues with innovative mindsets. Launching new features regarding current products and also brand new products which address to different solutions in various industries all around the world. Participated many industrial fairs all around the world which led us explore various cultures and refresh our minds. Handshakes with many global partners to explore TIM Business to all around the world. Received Seed+ investment from strategic investors, caught interest of other potential global partnerships.

  • 2020


    It has been a challenging year for all.. yet what didn’t kill us made us stronger; Thread In Motion succeeded to become the first official investment of Sabanci Ventures. We’ve come a long way in 2020 with our newly developed logistics focused solutions. Expanded our client portfolio globally, agreed on solid global partnerships. Our team grew rapidly. Challenging environment taught us to stay strong and have deep belief in forthcoming days.

  • 2021



    Finally made it to 2021, thankfully stronger than ever. We keep up the good work, highly motivated and focused on our goals.





Digitalizing the Existing One Instead of Replacing It

Instead of making great investments in expensive machines and eliminating human workers from your supply chain; Thread In Motion made it possible to digitalize your operations without replacing humans with big cold machines.

Our Vision

Develop and deliver ultimate solutions to various industries. Continuously developing better and better.

Our Mission

Bring every single operation to perfect by providing every blue collar worker a safer, faster and more ergonomic working environment.

Machines talking to each other. What about humans?


Our main objective is to protect the existence of human workforce and interaction in operations, digitalize your processes with low-cost automation solutions provided by smart wearable technology. We develop customer-oriented IIoT solutions and become the global leader of wearable technology revolution. Industrial revolution states a fact that no matter how far the operation is automatized , every operation has a need for a human workforce. The inevitable problem for all industries; every 9 out of 10 mistakes have been made by humans and we are here to prevent those mistakes instantly.

Our Company Culture is founded on basics

It takes courage, agility and adaptiveness to keep up with constantly developing, changing and challenging technology ecosystems.

Exceeding boundaries between our community members helps us accelerate our learning curve much faster. Maturing with our business partners, customers, team members comes up with a solid shareable success. We always share the responsibility of failures, as much as we share our successes.

We believe that the best products and services that change the world are born from continuous excitement for work.

Which is totally undoable without an intimate, hard-working and innovative team members. We are not afraid of making mistakes only if we work hard to learn from them and reach the ultimate solution. We give importance to ideas of every member of our community and the value we create together.

We value equal opportunity in a zero-discrimination workplace.

We embrace diversity. All team members and will be welcome without regards to sex, race, color, nationality, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, citizenship or marital status.

Over 220 Clients and 25m+ Operations across the globe.

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Our Teams

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Career Opportunities

Become a partner of our adventurous journey!

We value equal opportunity in a zero-discrimination workplace. We embrace diversity. All team members and will be welcome without regards to sex, race, color, nationality, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, citizenship or marital status. TIM will provide all necessary arrangements for eligible individuals with disabilities.
Let’s develop technology. Let’s create value. Let’s change the world.
Together !


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