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About TIM



The first idea might not always be the best. But it can pave the way for groundbreaking ideas. This is exactly how Thread In Motion’s story began.

Our founders’ innovative mindsets and the faith and trust they have in our creative team members helped them launch TIM’s first generation products. In the same year, the company received its first seed investment.


As a result of hard work and dedication, Thread in Motion’s early stage products got traction from Forbes 500 companies such as Renault, Bridgestone, FCA, and so on.

With the valuable feedback received from customers, the team continued to evolve the products and solutions built upon innovative technologies. The next step was to lead the digital transformation in various sectors around the world.


The team grew fast with the addition of young, talented, creative, and dynamic members. The agile organization was quick to add new features to the early stage products and develop new ones based on what the industry demanded.

TIM participated in countless industrial fairs and summits around the world, widened its horizon and shook hands with global partners to successfully expand its reach. By the end of 2019, the company received Seed+ investment from strategic investors, took the first steps towards potential global partnerships.


2020 was a challenging year for all. Yet what didn’t kill the team made it stronger. TIM became the first company that Sabanci Ventures invested in, despite the disruptions in the supply chain and the financial struggles the automotive industry experienced.

Seeing the changes brought about by the pandemic and foreseeing which ones will stay, the company introduced new solutions focused on the logistics sector. Expanded its portfolio of clients to over 13 countries and added to its global partnerships.


Welcomed 2021 with passion, commitment, and motivation. We keep up the good work!


220 Happy Clients

25 Global Partners

1320 Active Devices

25.000.000 Successful Operations


Our Mission and Vision

TIM’s mission is to deliver technologies that are constantly evolving and revolutionizing the workspaces across different industries.

In the future, TIM envisions a world where wearable technologies dominate every industry and various aspects of our everyday lives.


Digitalizing the Existing Sources Instead of Replacing Them

Inspired by the spirit of 5.0, Thread in Motion builds tools and solutions that work in harmony with human physiology and enhance human capabilities, instead of imagining a future without humans.

Machines are Talking to Each Other. What About Humans?

TIM’s main objective is to enhance human impact and capabilities in working environments by digitizing processes with low-cost automation solutions provided by smart wearable technologies. Every 9 out of 10 mistakes are made by humans in industrial settings, and TIM’s solutions aim to minimize those mistakes with solutions that work in harmony with human nature. We’re working hard to deliver customer-oriented IIoT solutions that address real-life challenges and make and impact.

Our Company Culture is Founded on Inclusivity and Creativity


  • It takes courage, agility and adaptiveness to keep up with constantly developing, changing and challenging technology ecosystems.

    Strengthening the ties between our community members helps us accelerate our learning curve much faster. Growing together with our business partners, customers, and team members helps us have a solid base. We always share the responsibility of failures, as much as we share our successes.

  • We believe that the best products and services that change the world are born out of a never-ending excitement for work.

    Which is totally undoable without hard-working and innovative team members. We are not afraid of making mistakes because we learn from them and add up to our value. We value every idea coming from our team members.

  • We value equal opportunity in a zero-discrimination work environment.

    We embrace diversity. Everyone is welcomed regardless of race, color, nationality, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, citizenship or marital status.

Over 220 Clients and +25 million Operations 
across the Globe.

Career Opportunities

International Sales Manager


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Product Marketing Manager


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Product Owner


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People & Culture Partner


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