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Ring Scanners, Handheld Terminals or Smart Gloves?

Wearable barcode scanners are the way of shaping the future in warehouses. It can be explained as scanning improves overall efficiency, makes workers safer, and decreases workflow disruptions. There are several different barcode scanners to be considered by decision-makers in order to get the best return on investment. 

Here are 5 aspects that should be taken into account while deciding: 

1- Weight

Due to the fact that a barcode scanner must be constantly carried in warehouses by an employee, the weight of the scanner matters. The weight of handheld terminals, which ranges from 500 to 1000 grams, creates an extra burden for employees to carry with them constantly. Ring scanners and smart gloves, on the other hand, might be more sensible. As a result, the employee will find it more convenient to carry only a 35 gram barcode scanner.

2- Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction with their workplace and working environment has a direct impact on productivity and the company's success. For the investment to be made, it is necessary to be familiar with the barcode scanner used by blue collar employees, as well as its user-friendliness and ergonomics.

Although ring scanners are portable, continual use causes wounds on the employee's finger. Employees, on the other hand, are unsatisfied with handheld terminals because they must be carried frequently and will feel significantly heavier after extended use. Smart gloves, on the other hand, are lighter and easier to use than conventional barcode scanners since they are worn as gloves.

3- Scan Range

Because warehouse shelves have multiple floors, the scan range is critical. For barcode scanners, the ability to scan from a distance and read properly are the two metrics while estimating if the barcode scanner is suitable for the company’s operations.

Ring scanners have a relatively poor scan engine compared to handheld terminals and smart gloves, which can scan barcodes from a further distance. Therefore, ring scanners are unable to complete the scan activities that are supposed to be done by handheld terminals. As a result, it slows down and inefficiently performs operations.

Ring Scanners, Handheld Terminals or Smart Gloves

4- Battery Life

It's critical in logistics and assembly operations that the barcode scanner has a long battery life and that you don't have to charge it every shift. When purchasing a barcode scanner, it is one of the most important characteristics to consider. In addition to the battery's size, its low power consumption allows it to work for an extended period of time.

The ring scanners need a small battery due to their compact size, which causes the scanner to perform inefficiently. Because the handheld terminals are huge and heavy, the battery utilized is equally large and heavy, resulting in longer battery life.

Even though smart gloves are thin and light, with excellent coding, they can consume very little power. Despite the fact that Thread in Motion smart gloves are small and light due to their design, thanks to strong coding, they can scan 3000 barcodes in one working time and have a charge life of up to 10 hours.

5- Communication Protocol

When considering a barcode scanner, keep in mind that it must be compatible with warehouse internal operations. Working in harmony with systems allows for easy integration and data transfer, resulting in speed and efficiency in automating operations.

WMSs can be simply connected to handheld terminals. Ring scanners, on the other hand, will be ineffective unless used in conjunction with another gadget. This necessitates more sophisticated operations and the maintenance of additional devices, resulting in higher expenses. 

Smart gloves, on the other hand, can function independently, without the need for a separate device, and can be readily connected to WMS. As a result, processes become leaner, faster, and easier to integrate, allowing them to cover operations on their own.

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