5 Reasons to Consider Automation in Your Company
5 Reasons to Consider Automation in Your Company

As technological advancements allow machines and humans to communicate more effectively, more companies will become automated. Here are five reasons why you should consider automating your company if you haven’t already.

1. To save money on labor.

In areas such as choosing and moving pieces, assembly, testing, and more, automation is already replacing human labor. Other areas where automation has resulted in substantial labor cost savings include purchases that are automated. This reduces buying department headcount thereby lowering total procurement costs.

Integrations in human resources and payroll can be made. Through managing employees and benefits in one system, HR staffing expenses are significantly reduced.

2. To reduce waste.

Human error wastes time and money in the manufacturing industry. Many tasks can be done quicker and more reliably by computers and machines than by humans – without making errors.

Inventory processes such as choosing parts and components, as well as lot monitoring, can be automated to make an accurate inventory. Automated equipment may also help to avoid missing or misplaced materials, as well as expiration or spoilage.

An idle manufacturing plant at night is a squandered opportunity. However, working 2nd and 3rd shifts can be prohibitively costly. By automating your production processes, you will make the most of your most important asset without relying on humans. Reduced labor, lighting, and HVAC costs are all benefits of “lights out” production.

3. To accelerate turnarounds.

Automation allows you to process orders more quickly, cut setup and manufacturing times, and bring the product to market faster.

4. To increase the quality and safety of the product.

Rework caused by poor quality slows down production and decreases consumer satisfaction. Workers’ compensation expenses will make a significant dent in your bottom line.

Automating these processes will improve productivity while also making the workplace safer for your workers. Automating quality procedures can help increase quality while also reducing costs by:

• Reducing the time it takes to generate and execute engineering change notices by simplifying the management of rework, rejects, and scrap

• Simplifying the process of obtaining and retaining ISO and other certifications by using your ERP framework to manage all aspects of component revisions and inactivations.

Thread In Motion’s smart gloves  Glogi, saves up to 50% time in assembly and warehouse operations.

5. To ensure that the company is future-proofed.

Automation increases your ability to predict patterns, see how consumer preferences can evolve, and plan for them in terms of technology and strategy, helping you to remain ahead of the competition. Dashboards automate the data collection process, giving you instant access to reliable, real-time data that you can report or display in any format you want.

Nobody can forecast the future with confidence, but automation lowers the chances that your market’s “next big thing” will catch you off guard.

If you would like to start automation in your company, contact us. 



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